Approximately 50 people attended the Faribault GOP Caucuses at Faribault High School tonight.  State Representative Brian Daniels of Faribault and State Senator John Jasinski of Faribault each addressed those in attendance.

Both lawmakers thanked them for their support and expressed an emotional pride for serving the area in St. Paul.   Representative Daniels became choked up when he said, "I remember standing up here six years ago and I was trying to read a written speech that I had, get my glasses out and grab the microphone.  It was a horrible night.  I did  horrible but we made it through it and we wonder the miracle election of 2014 and God has blessed me over and over again."

Daniels began his presentation by telling everyone he was a running a little late because he got pulled over by a "nice, young police officer" about two blocks from the high school.  He was stopped for "going 40 in a 30 zone" but explained to the officer he was running late for the caucus event.

Daniels said he was told to slow down, be careful and was not issued a ticket.

State Representative Brian Daniels of Faribault at GOP Caucus. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

Senator Jasinski also got emotional when he said, "I don't think there is a time when I've gone into a grocery store or a place where people don't thank me for what I do and that's important to me and obviously I get emotional about it but there's not a better honor that I can do than to serve you guys here.  So if there's anything you guys have for me that I can help with or Brian can help with, we're up there to serve you.  Stop by our office we love constituents coming up.  You get sick of some lobbyists and other people up there but if our constituents come up we always make time for you.  So come up and visit us and thank you again for all you do."

Senator John Jasinski of Faribault at GOP Caucus. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
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