Immigrants across the nation took to the streets yesterday as part of a one-day boycott to point out the integral role they play in the U.S. economy. In the Twin Cities, more than 100 businesses closed their doors as their immigrant employees participated in a "Day Without Immigrants." Organized via social media and regardless of their legal citizenship status, immigrants were urged to close their businesses, stay away from their job, keep their kids home from school and not spend any money. This event was held to protest President Donald Trump's recent actions concerning immigration. A large group of people, joined by Black Lives Matter and Native Lives Matter, marched from the Mexican consulate in St. Paul to the state Capitol.

I'm not sure what kind of local support there was for this event in Faribault and the surrounding communities, but when I drove by the Rice County Courthouse about mid-afternoon, I didn't see any sign of protests. This surprised me given we have such a large and diverse ethnic community and I expected them to be protesting during the regular work hours.

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