Diane Lane was barely in Batman v. Superman, but nonetheless provided some much needed resolution to the heroes’ initial smackdown. The fight ends as soon as Bats and Supes both learn that their mothers had the same name: Martha. It’s probably more meaningful than that, as they realize that they are both men who had mothers and look into each other’s eyes and see their own humanity (metaphorical, in one case) staring back at them, etc., etc., but it’s still a very silly moment. Diane Lane herself seems to understand the silliness behind the franchise.

When a viewer called in to Andy Cohen’s After Show (at around the 1:40 mark) and asked whether Lane could give any behind the scenes info on Justice League and whether she thought it would be better than The Avengers, Lane simply said:

No, and no. Short, but honest. I hate to disappoint, but…

That “I hate to disappoint” could refer to the fact that she can’t give out any spoilers, but it also sounds like she doesn’t think Justice League will be able to best Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And is that really so surprising? Marvel is basically the Pixar of superhero movies, having engineered a formula that never fails to succeed with audiences time and time again, that’s family-friendly and full of color and emotion and, perhaps most important of all, humor. Marvel movies are fun to watch, whereas many audiences, especially after BvS, may have started to look at the next DC movie as a slog.

But, just because one of its actors doesn’t consider it better than The Avengers doesn’t mean Justice League will be necessarily bad. The Avengers happened at a point in the franchise where everyone at Marvel had everything more or less figured out, while DC is still in the process of working out some major kinks (cough The Batman cough).

We’ll have to see how Justice League shakes out when it hits theaters November 17.

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