In some ways, it is still a job searchers market. There are plenty of open jobs that need to be filled, and it's up to the person seeking that job to stand out from others applying. In an effort to find that 'right' candidate some companies have started asking applicants if they have any hobbies, which has led to people putting some pretty interesting things on their resumes. Including 'dinosaurs, pizza, porn, and rapping'. So what was Minnesota's most strange/interesting resume addition? Dinosaurs. Iowans must be hungry for work as theirs was 'pizza', and leave our neighbors to the East to drop a beat on their resumes and include 'rapping' as a past time or hobby. (OK MC Fresh Cheddar)

In their most recent survey, "analyzed 3,543,017 resumes from people to see the most unexpected adjectives, nouns, and hobbies people are using on their resumes." You can check out the map of the most commonly used and interesting/weird responses state by state below.

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Some of the words to not make the map were also pretty interesting, like putting porn on your resume.

The staff at Zippia managed to find someone who maybe was testing to see if HR really reads through resumes, or just glances them over. Note it starts off with some pretty professional-sounding jargon and them BOOM "illegally downloading porn".

“Full lifecycle EMR implementation consulting in the ambulatory environment * Project coordination, change management, and training * Technology proficient – Office products, eLearning/CBT?, illegally downloading porn, hating on UK on Facebook * Interpersonal skills spanning all ages and levels of learning, from all walks of life”

You can see the whole list of 'most common or interesting/wierd words' found on resumes here.

At the end of the day Zippia had some good advice for anyone seeking employment right now:

"If a company requests additional interests, you might want to settle on ones that you wouldn’t be ashamed to tell your mom- or highlight additional skills you may not have a chance to convey in your professional experience, such as volunteer work."

And bonus thought from Zippia that is important to note during the job seeking/interview process "while you are free to mention religion, race, disabilities, and political affiliation, you are protected by law from disclosing these qualities."

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