You've seen them, the pictures of people posing in front of their bathroom mirrors. Whether you think they're super dumb or you take these kinds of pictures yourself, you've been exposed to them whether you like it or not. And suddenly people are now trying to figure out why, in every bathroom mirror picture taken in America, all of our bathrooms look the same. Makes you stop and think for a second, right? Does my bathroom really look like everyone else's? Well it definitely depends on who you ask! I see what people are saying, my bathroom really does look like what everyone seems to be talking about on Twitter. But not everyone is convinced.

It all started with this picture from @manchathegreat:

I agree with @oddlynicc, my bathroom has too many doors and I don't get it, but that's a discussion for another day.

What do you think? Do all bathrooms look the same or is everyone just crazy?


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