It wasn't too long ago when having tattoos was often considered to be taboo in the workplace. As a guy with a sleeve full of animals on his left arm, I'm pretty sure that 15 years ago I probably couldn't have gotten away with wearing a t-shirt to the office. But times have changed - especially since about 1 in 5 adults (or 40% of millennials) have ink somewhere on their body, according to the Pew Research Center. So have more companies loosened up on their tattoo policies?

According to a recent study, that looks to be the case. It revealed that the wages and earnings of employees with visible tattoos are statistically no different than their ink-less coworkers. Sometimes people with tattoos are more likely to be hired, oddly enough. A professor behind the study argues that since tattoos are so common nowadays, bosses with a "No Ink" rule are only doing themselves a disservice by shrinking the available talent pool.

So fear not, Guy Reading This Who Has A Sweet Muppet Forearm Tattoo. Those paychecks shouldn't be stopping anytime soon.

Source: WCCO

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