Well, here we are at October 13, 2016, nearly halfway through the month, a little less than two and half weeks from Halloween and I still don't have my candy corn lights hung along the little fence that lines my walk or any decorations hung in the windows and the trees outside. Where does the time go?

In our house, my wife is the Christmas decorator and I do Halloween. Unfortunately compared to the awesome job my wife does decorating the house for that festive holiday season, my pathetic attempt to liven up the holiday of spooks and ghouls falls a little flat. Part of that is being restricted by a much smaller budget for Halloween, so I do what I can with the limited amount of money I have to work with. This year I sprung for a small inflatable ghost, which my granddaughters really enjoyed seeing after the first inflation.

I would like to see what others around town have done to brighten up their yards as we head toward Halloween. If you have a yard or house that is a colorful and scary tribute to Halloween, please email me your address, and a few pictures if you'd like, to: mike.eiler@townsquaremedia.com. Sometime before ghosts and goblins walk the land in search of delicious candy treats, I'd like to feature several of the houses in and around our community on our website. Thank you in advance for helping me out and hopefully your boo-ti-ful display will be featured right here.

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