Have you ever noticed the blue lights at the intersections of Central Ave and Division Street and Central Ave and 4th Ave? Have you ever seen them lit before? Chances are if you have you'll only see then on from November to through March, those blue lights are the City of Faribault's way of telling you that they have declared a snow emergency in the downtown area.

According to the City of Faribault's website, "the City has two blue lights installed in the downtown area, one at Central Avenue and Division Street, and the other at Central Avenue and 4th Street N.  These blue lights flash when activated, indicating a snow emergency has been announced for that evening."

So the next time you are downtown this winter be sure to keep an eye out for a blinking blue light.

While the snow expected today may or may not trigger a snow emergency, but it's good to know what they do.

Speaking of snow, snow removal on sidewalks and the areas in front of buildings are supposed to be cleared 24 hours after a snow event or you could be looking at a misdemeanor charge according to the Faribault City Code. 

Sec. 25-41. - Occupant's, owner's duty to keep abutting sidewalk clean; penalties.

If such occupant or owner fails or refuses to remove the snow and ice within twenty-four (24) hours after being notified by the city, the occupant or owner shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

How often is this enforced? I would be willing to bet the Faribault PD would give you a warning before issuing you a ticket.

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