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Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose sent an alert via social media asking for help finding a water-tower-climber. Here's the full screenshot.


On the Sheriff's Twitter account he shared the above picture and this note in which he did not hold back...

This guy decided to climb the Hayfield water tower last week and live streamed it on Snapchat. We are looking for the public's help to identify this idiot so we can properly welcome him to the county with trespassing ticket. THANK YOU!

Sheriff Rose was a bit more expansive on Facebook adding, "Thanks in advance for your help."

So, if you know the water-tower-climber-and-streamer (thank goodness not the OTHER kind of stream-er), call the Dodge County Sheriff's Office at (507)-635-6200.

On Facebook, a few wondered if they could trace the miscreant by his Snap Chat Post. But the video only tells you where the video was shot, no who shot it.

Speaking of water towers..

Have you seen what's back on top of Rochester Public Utility Water Towers?


The "wacky-waving-inflatable-flailing-arm-tube guys" are back!

"....according to RPU's Plugged In, those wind dancers have been perched atop several water towers in Rochester again this spring, not to attract attention, but to scare off... turkey vultures and other birds.

Much like all the mess the crows cause in downtown Rochester each fall, turkey vultures had a habit of nesting on and around water towers. And, much like the crows do downtown in the fall and winter, those buzzards create quite the mess in, on, and around those water towers that RPU then has to clean up." Read More: Have You Seen What's Back on Top of RPU Water Towers in Rochester


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