Yesterday I got an email from a co-worker that included a link to a website run by what appears to be Minnesota Sasquatch searchers. While the website doesn't include any hard proof, the couple does make a case that the mythical creature enjoys homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Bare with me, there have been many times in history where we have discovered creatures that we didn't know about. The couple, Jim and Carol, state on their website that they  "both have had sightings, experiences, vocals, here in Minnesota and Wisconsin."

The limited website goes in an earlier post to state that, "We here at Squatch Searchers would appreciate you sharing with us any Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings you may have had, any finding of footprints, hearing of calls, anything you may think could be related to Sasquatch.  Reports from anywhere are appreciated, however Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa areas are our prime concern."

Whether or not you believe in the long-haired bi-pedal ape-like creature that has various names in different places in the world, I do know for a fact that Northern Minnesota is home to at least one Sasquatch.

My guess is if you really wanted to lure a 'squatch out into the open, leave out some tasty beef jerky. 

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