Here's the bizarre timeline we're living in: On Wednesday (Oct. 2), President Donald Trump employed the Nickelback "Photograph" meme to deflect from impeachment proceedings rapidly escalating against him.

You know the meme. That classic one that uses an image or GIF of Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger extending a literal photograph in the band's 2005 "Photograph" video. Only instead of sticking with Kroeger's wistfully outstretched photo, the one in the frame is replaced with some other haughty or comical material. Trump swapped it with an image of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, posing with a Ukrainian gas company board member and one other person, as Business Insider reported. Although the media's now been removed, see Trump's Nickelback meme tweet down toward the bottom of this post.

"LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!" the president all-caps tweeted in the meme-ified attempt to implicate the Bidens in unsavory dealings with Ukraine. However, Trump seems to be the one in hot water for his own discussions with the Eastern European country. The president allegedly abused his power after he asked Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden in a reported attempt to curb the coming election, of which Joe Biden is a probable Democratic candidate. It's that very transaction, recently uncovered by a whistleblower, that launched the impeachment inquiry.

Further, there's "likely a shady subtext in the lyrics, particularly the line 'And what the hell is on Joey's head,' likely referring to Biden's rumored hair plugs," Spin noted Wednesday. "Apparently Trump never heard that saying about glass houses and stones." (It's also noted that the origin of this particular "Photograph" meme video is uncertain. But Trump's aides have previously shared clips they’ve found on pro-Trump internet dwellings.)

Twitter removed the video after a copyright claim. Although it's currently unknown if Nickelback, their label Warner Media Group, the photographer or some other entity claiming ownership submitted it.

Meanwhile, it may be a good while before Nickelback releases anything new. Last month, it was reported the Canadian rockers have "no timeline" for their next album.

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