Have you given blood lately, or have you thought about giving blood but you're not sure where the area American Red Cross Blood Drives are being held? They're very easy to find using the Red Cross's website. Once you're on their website, just look for "Find A Blood Drive" then punch in your zip code and it'll list all the available dates and sites that blood donations will be taken. You can even find out if you qualify to give blood with a visit to their website or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Recent severe weather across the United States has disrupted several blood collection opportunities, increasing the need for your donation. If you are considering giving blood, why not donate today? In Faribault, the American Red Cross will be taking donations at the Crux Church, 112 Central Ave., from 1-7PM. Before you start your St. Patrick's Day festivities, why not swing by and give the gift of life by giving the gift of blood. Not only will you make your day a little better, you just might save a life or lives.

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