A lot of us are still getting some last minute Christmas shopping in, but we don't need to be so darn pushy!

Don't get me wrong - I realize that we're in a hurry. However, this weekend I noticed some truly atrocious habits of those of us still Christmas shopping in Rochester, and I was not about that life at all.

Do you agree with my peeves here?

For a recap, I absolutely cannot stand the following four things that we in Rochester tend to do while holiday shopping.

  1. Crowding each other in the Target checkout line - don't do it! Nothing goes faster that way!
  2. Asking me to sign up for anything and everything. I'm probably already "signed up" - trust me.
  3. Parking lot wars. Let's not have a "waiting game" to decide who gets the spot at Hyvee on a Sunday afternoon. We're all just trying to buy the cookies and hide the fact that they were bought, okay?
  4. Don't run me over. You'll get to the store and finish your shopping. I promise.

Ugh! I'm shuddering just typing this. I can't tell you how many stores I encountered these situations in throughout Rochester. How about you?

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