Make sure you're in Medford tonight for the Medford Muni's Straight River Days Street Dance and Power 96 Rooftop Toss. It's all part of the festivities that are going on today during Straight River Days.

I'm not sure how long this annual Rooftop Toss tradition has been going on but I've been doing it for eleven years and it was a well established event by the time I started participating. I would hazard a guess that it's been held for at least the last twenty years. If you've never been to one of the tosses, you should come to this years. Power 96 will be rocking from the roof of the Medford Muni between 7-9PM. We're able to get our equipment and ourselves up on the roof courtesy of Faribault Rental. Returning favorites Smokescreen will take the stage at 9PM to get you out dancing in the street. When the band takes their first break the Power Crew will start throwing an assortment of prizes down to the waiting crowd below, that in the past has included t-shirts, can coozies, beads, key chains, beach balls and more. If you get thirsty there's plenty of cold beverages to choose from and if you get hungry there will be plenty of food available.

Get there early, find a good spot and get ready for a fun night of dancing and prizes at the Medford Muni with Power 96!

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