What do you do when you have a tick on you, or on someone else? I know that as I grew up I was always told to use Vaseline.

According to most parents, they said to put plenty of Vaseline all over the area in question, and that will make it so the tick can not breathe. Or put alcohol on it and light it on fire or burn it in a small fashion. Why would you want to start an area on fire that it is in your skin?

The CDC says don't use nail polish or Vaseline petroleum jelly, and don't try to burn the tick out of the skin. Also, don't try to twist the tick out of the skin. If you have a tweezer that is all you need. You can use rubbing alcohol with it. You don't have to drown the tick, just use enough to clean the area and then you grab it with the tweezer and slowly take it out.

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The CDC says to take the tick and put it in a plastic bag and freeze it to kill it. It also says you can flush it down the toilet. As I've learned a few weeks ago, if you want to kill a tick the right way so it doesn't come back, you should burn it or chop it in half. This way the tick is gone for good. If you do decide to chop it, you should wear gloves or use a butter or steak knife. The tick leaves behind chemicals that are conducive to all kinds of diseases.

Pet Guides says there is a pet tick remover that works pretty well, but it's best to keep it old school. Use rubbing alcohol in the area of the tick then use a small tweezer to get the tick out and done.

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