St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - Dozens of Minnesotans are among the nearly 3,500 passengers on a cruise ship that has been cleared to finally dock in Oakland, California.

The Minnesota Department of Health has said about 40 Minnesotans are currently on the ship and over two-dozen others previously disembarked, including the older Ramsey County man who is the first state resident to test positive for the new coronavirus. Officials say he is recovering in isolation at home and had very limited contact with others since his return to Minnesota.

The Associated Press previously reported one passenger on the ship died and around 20 others have become ill from COVID 19 infections. The Grand Princess cruise was originally scheduled to end on Saturday in San Francisco but it was barred from docking while health officials prepared to deal with the sick passengers.


At this point, it's unclear where the affected Minnesotans will be sent and how long they will be quarantined. 

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