The friendly competition is over between Northfield and Dundas, with Dundas coming out on top after 78.8% of its residents completed their censuses compared to 77% for Northfield. The winner of the friendly competition, Dundas, will have Bridge Square in Northfield named after it for one month.

"The Northfield City Council had to concede to Dundas in their friendly wager to see which city has the highest response rate for the 2020 Census. As the terms of their contest state Northfield will be rename Bridge Square to “Dundas Square” for one month.

Dundas maintained a commanding lead over Northfield the entire competition. The final response rate taken on May 15 showed Dundas with 78.7% and Northfield with 77.0%.

Northfield will continue to remind residents to complete the 2020 Census."

A Facebook post from the City of Northfield also noted the concessionary defeat.

If Northfield would have won, "the Dundas Dog Park will be renamed 'Northfield' Dog Park" according to the Dundas City website. 

It's unclear when Bridge Square will undergo the name change to 'Dundas' Square for the one month period, and whether or not the LIVE YouTube page broadcasting Bridge Square will also get the name change.

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