When I was growing up... as I'm sure was probably the deal with most people, the F-bomb was the super-naughty word.  Like as Ralphie says in The Christmas Story, the MOTHER of all curse words!  Like that was a bad one.  Soap in the mouth for sure!


I didn't realize that word had been around for as long as it had been. Like I think of the people from the 50s as the Cleavers.  You know- Ward, June, Wally and the Beaver.  Leave it to Beaver land would never have used THAT word!

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But apparently, it's been around since the 1500s. WHAT??  In what way??  And who actually recorded that little piece of information?  Well, according to an article from the Daily Mail...

The PLAGUE?  Well, kind of dealing with a sort of samie situation right now, right? Well, we have modern medicine, so not quite, but still. I can see how that kind of boredom might bring things like that out in a person, right?   But first... it would have to exist...  Hmmm


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