Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s entire catalog will be reissued over the course of the next year. As with Led Zeppelin’s 2015 reissues, they will release three records at a time, chronologically, and we can expect the first batch to arrive on July 29.

All three albums include bonus discs and will also be in available in vinyl (single-LP only) and digital download formats. The new reissue of their 1970 self-titled debut was taken from the 2012 remaster, with a second disc comprised of the 2012 Steven Wilson stereo mix and a handful of extra tracks. The bonus tracks are comprised mostly of alternate takes, with two songs called “Rave Up” and “Drum Solo.” 1971’s Tarkus, a concept album about a creature that was part-armadillo, part-tank, also includes the 2012 remaster and Wilson’s mix, with three extra songs, “Oh, My Father,” “Unknown Ballad” and “Mass.”

Their 1971 live take on Modest Mussorgsky’s classical composition, Pictures at an Exhibition, was remastered from the original tapes. Its second disc contains another performance of the suite, recorded at London’s Lyceum Theatre on Dec. 9, 1970, with four other songs, “The Barbarian,” “Knife-Edge,” “Rondo (Pt. 3)” and “Nut Rocker.”

In addition, there is a three-CD compilation called Anthology that brings together 39 tracks from throughout their career, including their reunion in the mid-‘90s. Anthology was produced by Greg Lake.

Arriving later in 2016 are the next three albums that ELP released, 1972’s Trilogy, 1973’s Brain Salad Surgery and their triple-live album from 1974, Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends... Ladies and Gentlemen.

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