Everyone's doing this. Young. Old. Tech-savvy. Newbie to technology. Smartphone. Flip phone (I guess). It's not nearly as dangerous as using your phone while driving, but has still led to nearly 260 deaths over the last five or six years.


Not the ones of you and your significant other at the concert/game/picnic/family reunion/etc. But the ones of you standing at the edge of a cliff, standing in front of a moving train (what!), standing in the river and the one with the charging bear.

OK. I made that last one up. But a researcher from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Dehli has documented the other scenarios that have resulted in the death of the photo-taker, according to a report in the Star Tribune.

Agam Bansal's studies have found that 259 people died worldwide from 2011 through 2017 from injuries sustained while taking a selfie. He indicates that drowning is the number one cause of death, followed by transportation incidents and falls from high locales.

He also found that most of the victims were young, claiming that 85 percent of the victims were between the ages of 10 and 30. He suggests 'No Selfie" zones in dangerous spots.

In an effort to present full disclosure, let it be known that the giant hot dog in the accompanying picture to this post was not moving.

Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

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