Two house fires were attacked by the Faribault Fire Department in less than 24 hours during this National Fire Prevention Week.

Faribault Fire Chief Dustin Dienst says a U.S. Postal Carrier called in a fire this morning at 516 Hullet Avenue and when crews arrived on the scene light smoke was coming from the attic area.

Faribault Police confirmed with neighbors and through some phone calls that nobody was at home at the time of the fire.

Firefighters made a quick search just to be sure and then concentrated on extinguishing the blaze.

Chief Dienst told KDHL/POWER 96 minimal water was used to put out the fire but there was substantial damage to the home.

The fire damage is primarily on the main level of the house and smoke damage occurred throughout the rest of the structure.

Chief Dienst says there were some red flags for them so they called in the State Fire Marshal's Office to assist with the investigation into the cause.

Firefighters were called out 3:15 Tuesday afternoon to a house fire at 825 3rd Avenue Northwest in Faribault.

Chief Dienst says the homeowner called the fire station directly and told him the ceiling was hot in an upstairs bedroom and it smelled like rotten eggs.

At about the same time someone outside the home phoned 911 and reported smoke coming from the attic.

The caller went into the home and told the occupants to evacuate.

Because of the quick call and response damage was minimal to the home.

The Faribault Fire Chief says a connection of wires in the attic was not contained in an electrical box and that led to a fire starting in the cellulose insulation in the attic.

The fire spread to two rafters and lath in the ceiling of the room.  Firefighters pulled down the lath and plaster ceiling exposing the fire so it could be extinguished limiting the damage to the attic and room of origin.

Chief Dienst says, "In both cases quick action by everyone involved meant in one home minimal damage and the other home extensive damage, but it would have been worse had it not been reported when it was."

Home at 516 Hulett Avenue where house fire occurred October 11, 2017. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Home at 825 3rd Ave. NW Faribault where fire was contained to the attic. photo by Gordy Kosfeld