Officers with the Faribault High School Student Council asked KDHL if they could be on the radio to ask for assistance in their Toys for Tots campaign.  Every year they do a fundraiser but COVID-19 does not allow that to happen. They would still like to raise $10,000 to buy toys for local kids in need.

FHS Student Council President Maria Pierce, Secretary GG Ramirez and Peyton Ross were on the program.  All are seniors.  They were joined by Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President Nort Johnson.

Johnson commended the students for their work not only on the fundraiser but also on the Student Council.  Johnson said he had a spot on the FHS Student Council when he was in high school, "You may not get an opportunity outside of school.  It may not present itself after you are graduated.  So getting that in now and again encouraging others to be involved with this and learning what it's about and what it feels like, it's just a fantastic way for you to grow yourself personally and help grow your community.  So keep up the great work."

Pierce told us the Faribault High School Student Council has been raising money for Toys for Tots for many years.  "I don't really know when it started but every year I've been on student council and have lived in Faribault the high school has always participated in Toys for Tots I think."

Ramirez says this is her second year to be involved, "It's really fun but this year it's a lot different.  We're still trying our best to raise money for Toys for Tots."

I asked if the students get to pick out the toys with the funds and Ramirez agreed with me that is the most fun.  With COVID-19 it's not certain the students will be doing that.

Ross also says picking out the toys, "Is the fun part.  It's a lot of chaos but it's super fun to kind of flood the local Walmart and just buy a bunch of toys for kids."

Johnson says he is donating toward the efforts and I know I will be sending a check to the school.

I did have a few listeners phone and says they would be assisting also.

You can send a check to:

FHS Student Council

330 9th Avenue SW

Faribault, Mn.  55021

Let's help them blow by the $10,000 goal in this COVID year.  I'm sure the need is great.  Just think how fantastic you'll feel knowing some local child has a merrier Christmas or Holiday season.

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