The shelves were emptying as fast as workers could fill them at HyVee in Faribault this weekend.  I typically shop on Sunday for about a week's worth of groceries and other necessities.  I do shop at other stores during the week if I feel hungry for certain food or need something else.

The shelves were empty all over the store.  Eggs gone, milk nearly gone when I began around Noon.  Little selection for bread.  Toilet paper completely out.  Every kind of hand soap (except the bars) were gone.  Certain flavors of pop or soda were not available also.  At checkout the gentleman told me it was as crazy all weekend as it was at that time.  The parking lot was packed.  He said they got a truck in with over two thousand pieces of groceries and they were gone within minutes of being placed on the shelves.  The Governor's recommendation of crowds of no more than 250 was out the window.

There was no chicken left in the meat department.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz held a 70 minute news conference Sunday morning announcing all Minnesota schools would be required to be closed by Wednesday.  Many have announced they are pulling the plug on Monday.  This happened two days after the Governor said schools would remain open because the younger demographic has not apparently been contracting the Coronavirus.

The Governor and Commissioners leading various state departments said the number of cases had multiplied to 35 and been reported in more remote locations of the state.

Two had been hospitalized and one was in critical condition.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) decided to shut down the Girls State High School Basketball Tournament after two days of the tournament had been held with no Coronavirus reported there.  They also decided to end the boys high school season.  MSHSL announced spring sports would continue to practice until April 6.  No competition with other teams would be allowed until that date.

My Dad served in World War Two. My parents did not marry until after the war was over.  They both told stories of the rations during that time which I couldn't honestly imagine.

According to U.S. History dot com The first rations occurred four days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Included were sugar, butter, bacon, ham.  Food rationing was expanded to include all foods except bread the following summer.  Eventually gas and even clothing was effected.

Every American was affected so all participated in the sacrifices.  In that case the items were rationed so there would be plenty for the troops fighting abroad.

Now we might need to ration to save ourselves from ourselves.

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