It's been a century since World War 1, and a Minnesotan author has put together a book reflecting on those Minnesotans who served. One of those soldiers spotlighted in the book is Faribault native Raphael Zengel. Zengel's story, however, is a little different than what you might be used to hearing. 

Historian, writer, and researcher Johannes Allert is shining a new light on the veterans of World War I. Allert is from Oak Grove, and is writing a book about World War I veterans from Minnesota.

Some survived the war and went on to live long and accomplished lives. Others gave the ultimate sacrifice. And then we had soldiers like Raphael Zengel, of Faribault. Zengel actually served in the Canadian military. Zengel was serving North or the border because he moved with his family to Canada before the start of the war.

At one point during the war, Allert told the Star News in an interview that, Zengel was shot in the jaw by a recently captured German POW who hid a pistol in his coat, but he later recovered.

In another wartime incident, Zengel was awarded the Victoria Cross and has a Royal Canadian Legion post, streets and possibly even a mountain named after him, Allert said.

You can find out more about Minnesotans who served in WW1, like a future Olympic coach and U of M graduate here!

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