Theresa Flintrop loves to crochet fun hats, so when Kare 11 meteorologist Sven Sungaard lost his favorite whale hat back in January, Theresa made him a new one! The Kare 11 team loved Sven's new hat so much that Theresa made them more. And that's when business started booming.

Part of the Kare 11 team, Sven Sungaard and Alicia Lewis, visited Theresa at her home in Faribault back in January to learn more about her business. Since then, Theresa has continued to receive more and more orders for her now famous crocheted hats, over 100 in fact!

Theresa started crocheting as a child. She would watch her grandma crochet and she decided to teach herself. Theresa now creates extremely creative hats. To give you an example, she sent the Kare 11 Sunrise team a whale, a shark, a narwal, a polar bear, and a penguin hat.

Check out Kare 11's interview with Theresa here.


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