Preston, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Fillmore County man is being given a chance to avoid prison for his convictions stemming from a fatal traffic crash involving an Amish buggy last year.

25-year-old Connor Keene of Canton was sentenced today 10 years on probation and a total of 336 days in jail with work release privileges. His sentence also includes a stayed 57-month prison term that could be imposed on him if he does not meet the terms of his probation. The judge presiding over the case also ordered Keene to pay just over $9000 in restitution.

Keene earlier pleaded guilty to a criminal vehicular homicide charge and two counts of criminal vehicular operation for causing the death of 21-year-old William Stutzman Harmony and injuring two of his brothers. The three siblings were in an Amish buggy that was struck by a car driven by Keene along a rural road in Fillmore County on August 31st, 2018. Keene kept driving, but he was arrested after his car was later found in a nearby field. Court documents show his blood-alcohol-concentration was tested at over .184, which is over double the legal limit.

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