Saturday marked the last CulturFest unless somebody steps in to keep it going. In the past 20 years that they have had CulturFest, I can only recall one year where it was canceled, and that was 8 years ago. Yep, 2010 when Owatonna had their massive flooding, and even then, the people who were preparing food for sale still prepared food, this time for the people who were out working, sandbagging, and cleaning up after the floods.

I went out to the last CulturFest and was not disappointed in the turnout, or in the booths that were set up. I even won a water bottle at the Mexico booth, sponsored by South Central College, by answering some questions about Mexico and counting to 10 in Spanish. I am ashamed to admit I could not name a single Mexican president though. The Scotland booth was there with Jeremiah Kasten representing the Owatonna Curling Club, as curling was invented in Scotland. That was a very popular booth as there was a street curling kit there, and kids and adults tried it.

CulturFest 2018

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