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A first-of-its-kind Taco Bell might come to Minnesota! This new kind of Taco Bell is being proposed by Taco Bell franchisee Border Foods. They want it to be located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, it would feature four drive-thru lanes, and there would be no dine-in options.

This is an interesting concept but I'm also torn about it for different reasons. We'll get to that later though. Bring Me the News writes that this type of design is "for the pandemic and post-pandemic age, catering for the 'ever-growing demand for drive-thru, app-based ordering, and delivery services' that have boomed during COVID."

The building would be two stories. Three of the four drive-thru lanes would be under the second level and those three lanes would be only for pre-order pick up or for delivery orders. The fourth lane on the end would be able to accommodate all vehicles, including the "oversize" ones and that would be like a regular drive-thru. The second level that you're driving under is the kitchen where they drop the food down to you when it's done. My first thought when I saw the design was that it looks like those bank drive-thrus, which makes me laugh. The inside of the first level is a walk-up counter. So you can order inside if you'd like, but you can't dine-in.

Ok, here's my beef about this. First of all, no one who has worked somewhere with a drive-thru window wants to work somewhere where there are four freaking drive-thru windows. I've worked at a Caribou that had a drive-thru, and dealing with just one window is stressful enough, now you have four! No thanks.

My other issue is that there are places around the US, including Minneapolis, that have banned new drive-thru restaurants from being built. That's because when you have cars idling in line at a drive-thru, that isn't great for the environment. And now you're going to have four drive-thrus at one restaurant. It just sounds like a lot of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions to me.

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