Friday night some of my family stopped by to help me pull up the wet carpeting and carpet pad from my flooded basement. Thankfully we were able to find a dry indoor space to hang up my carpet and let it dry out over the weekend. The carpet pad wasn't worth salvaging, so that went into the trash.

I had planned on this cleanup taking me all weekend by myself, so I was glad when they came to help. This freed me up to run some errands in Owatonna on Saturday. I decided to take County Road 45 through Medford on my way to Owatonna. I made a few stops in Medford to check out some of the flooding in and around Straight River Park. The park was completely covered with water and some of the houses nearby also appeared to have suffered a lot of water damage. At one point the highway south of town was flooded by the nearby Straight River and had been closed.

When I got to Owatonna, I visited several parks that all had been flooded due to a river or creek overflowing its banks from all the all the recent rains we've received. The parks I stopped at were Morehouse Park, Mineral Springs Park and Darts Park. I marveled at the damage and debris that had been left behind by the recent flooding and was glad that I wasn't going to have to clean up such a huge mess.

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