Tommy Kramer played for the Minnesota Vikings from 1979-1989. One of his career highlights was in 1980 with six seconds left in the game he threw a Hail Mary pass to Ahmad Rashad which he caught in the end zone. This play was known as the "Miracle at the Met" referring to Met Stadium where the Vikings played before moving to the Metrodome. According to Bring Me The News apparently Kramer has recently been busy doing some home repairs including installing a very special urinal in his bathroom.

It has been over 30 years since Kramer got a chance to stick it to the Packers when the Vikings won 26-14 in his final start with the team against the Packers in October of 1989. It's all good I am pretty sure a former Green Bay Packer or two might have something similar in their house.

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According to On August 6 of this year Mark Pothen a life long fan was going through a really hard time and one of his family members reached out to Kramer earlier and asked if he could send him an autographed picture. Kramer went one step further showing up in person at Pothen's house. He came with an autographed jersey and posed for pictures with him and his family. I think it's awesome to see his loyalty to the Vikings organization and the fans still runs deep after all these years.

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