There are four Minnesota sister's all on their high school basketball team together. That's really cool, to all be able to play together, but what's even better is the special and uncommon connection they have to their coach.

The Rich sisters, Mackenzie, Courtney, Avery, and Dakota, are all on the New London-Spicer high school varsity basketball team. As you probably know, in basketball, the whole team doesn't all play at the same time, but every once in a while, it's all four of the Rich sisters who are out playing together. That's a special moment for their dad, Earl, especially because of who the girls' coach is.

The coach of the New London-Spicer varsity team was actually Earl's 7th-grade football coach and also his foster parent while he was in high school. His name is Mike Dreier.

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KARE 11 writes that Earl's mom got too sick to care for him when he was in 2nd grade and he had to go into foster care. He played football for Coach Mike in 7th grade. Then when Earl was a sophomore, Mike heard that Earl's 5th foster family hadn't worked out. Mike told KARE 11, “'I was in the lunchroom one day and the music teacher was saying, ‘Aww, Earl's gonna have to move to Willmar.’ Listened to him and I said, ‘Well he can come live with me.’'” Earl couldn't believe it.

Mike was his foster parent sophomore through senior year of high school. Earl told KARE 11, "'He just gave me every aspect of a dad that I never had.'” And, after some convincing from Earl to stick with coaching, Mike is now the basketball coach for Earl's four daughters.

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