I'm guest hosting AM Minnesota this morning on The Mighty 920 KDHL. Today's show is focusing on the podcast series Frozen Truth hosted by Scott Fuller. Scott was nice enough to take some time out of his day in Austin to talk about the popular podcast series that focuses on cold cases from around the US.

In the first season of Frozen Truth Scott dissected the case of missing a missing Wyoming woman named Amy Wroe Bechtel from the Shoshone National Forest. Season 2 of Frozen Truth examined the 2011 disappearance of Ayla Reynolds from Waterville, Maine.

Season 3's podcast series really got people's attention as it takes another look at the popular and mysterious disappearance of KIMT-TV's Jodi Huisentruit. In the 3 seasons that he has done so far, Scott says that family members of missing people involved in cold cases have reached out to him to share their families stories and help keep those cases at the forefront of people's minds.

Scott and I briefly go into the subject of home genetics testing that people send away to a lab to see their familial make-up being used by police in some cold cases in a way to find potential suspects. Two of those types of cases recently happened here in Minnesota.

Part of me hopes that we see these cases resolved, as many of us never thought that Jacob Wetterling would ever have been found after so many years, but he was and his killer was held responsible.

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Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

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