Gene Simmons is back in the news, well sort of. A little more than a year ago, I let our web mistress Tamara take a shot at making me up like Paul Stanley's Kiss persona, Starchild. We recorded the whole make-up session and used to it to help promote our Kiss ticket giveaway we had going on at the time.

I thought Tamara did a pretty good job, especially with the tools and make-up we had to work with. Now I learn that some upstart of a calf is trying to one-up me with natural markings that make him look like Gene Simmons' Kiss stage character, The Demon.

Born in Kerrville, Texas, on a ranch that raises cattle for the local Cowboy Steak House, Genie will be spared from ending up on the menu and instead find herself as a mascot for the joint. She also has a penchant for showing off her tongue, just like her namesake. No word on whether or not this little bovine look-a-like can breathe fire, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Hill Country Visitor / Frederick M Brown, Getty Images

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