After many years and a lot of legal drama, former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate performed under the band's name for the final time on Aug. 30, marking the end of an era for longtime fans.

The occasion was marked with appropriate solemnity (to say nothing of lucidity) at Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill in Bolingbrook, Ill., where -- as you can see in the fan-shot footage above -- Tate bid farewell to his Queensryche years by removing a charm fashioned in the shape of the band's logo (known as the Tri-Ryche) from his belt. The audience was suitably impressed.

As we previously reported, Tate's former bandmates fired him, beginning a confusing period in which Tate formed his own version of Queensryche while the official group replaced him with new singer Todd La Torre. Both bands released new albums and toured under the Queensryche banner, but it seemed fairly obvious that they'd need to reach a settlement at some point.

Earlier this year, Tate announced a farewell tour for his Queensryche; shortly thereafter, the Tateless lineup issued a statement informing fans that they'd reached an agreement with their erstwhile frontman. From here on out, Tate intends to call his band Operation: Mindcrime, after the title of Queensryche's hit 1988 concept album.

Now that the farewell tour is over and Queensryche are officially behind him, Tate will turn to his next album, which he's promised will be "conceptual." The Tri-Ryche could not be reached for comment.

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