Last week I featured David Baerwald as one of the Power 96 Cool One artists. His original claim to fame was one half of the rock duo David and David. Basically a one-hit wonder group that scored a hit with a little tune called 'Welcome to the Boomtown" back in 1986. Baerwald and David Ricketts also released the singles "Swallowed by the Cracks" and "Ain't So Easy" from their only album, Boomtown. They disbanded shortly after the album's release and Baerwald went to release a few albums as a solo artist, including Triage, from which I pulled the Cool One "The Got No Shotgun Hydrahead Blues."

Triage is one of my personal favorite albums of his work, the other was Bedtime Stories. He put out three more full albums and an EP after those two. Here's a couple of tracks from each of his first two solo efforts:

  • 1

    All For You

    The lead track on the album Bedtime Stories drew me in immediately and I was hooked.

  • 2


    Also from his 1990 album, Bedtime Stories, I received this as a promo copy from the record rep and I believe it may have been considered a single from the record.

  • 3


    This is the second track from Triage. The utter bleakness of this song speaks to me in volumes.

  • 4

    China Lake

    This song also comes from his 1992 release, Triage. It sounds like a song of happiness but underneath there's a bit of sadness, change and loneliness.

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