I guess 2020 can't be all that bad if indeed the rumor that Glen Taylor is looking to sell his majority stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves is true. According to ESPN the family that owns the majority of the Minnesota Vikings, the Wilfs, and another group that contains former Minnesota Timberwolf and now 2020 Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett.

According to ESPN, "there are several bidders for the team, including metropolitan New York real estate developer Meyer Orbach, who bought a minority stake in the Timberwolves in 2016. Former Timberwolves standout Kevin Garnett also said he is forming a group to try to purchase the team. But the Wilfs appear to be in a prime spot at this time to buy the Timberwolves, though a decision on the sale might not be made until September, sources said."

Various reports over the last day or two have stated that a group approached Taylor 'recently' and offered him '$1 Billion' for the team, but wouldn't guarantee that the team would remain in Minnesota. Taylor wasn't interested in the sale if the team wasn't going to remain in Minnesota.

Taylor and a group of investors bought the team for 88 million in 1994 after the previous ownership group was contemplating moving the team to New Orleans. Under Taylor's ownership, the Wolves drafted the best player in franchise history in Kevin Garnett, made the playoffs 8 straight years, and appeared in the Western Conference Finals in 2004.

Also under Taylor's reign, the Wolves finished last in league attendance last year, 14 of the last 15 years have had a losing record, and have run through plenty of head coaches.

Personally I feel that new ownership is a start to reviving the tired Wolves franchise, as you can only watch a team lose so many seasons. I grew up attending Wolves games during their 'golden years'. I'd watch them on TV every night they played for a bunch of seasons. Now I really can't watch, as it usually ends in disappointment.

Whether it's the Wilfs, who have shown a willingness to spend big and an urgency to win, KG's group, or someone else it sure would be nice to see a change other than who's at the helm or on the bench.

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