I remember during my senior year of high school I had still never been to a concert, so I made a pact with myself that I would go to one before I graduated, and I did! My first concert was a Carrie Underwood concert! Even though we had nose-bleed seats it was still so cool to see an artist performing live.

Since that concert I have gone to 4 more and had an equally awesome time at all of them! I even already have tickets to another concert in September.

Yes, concerts can be expensive, but they are an experience of a life time if you get the chance to go to a show. I also just learned that going to concerts has health benefits!

A study done by O2 and a lecturer from Goldsmith University states that if you spend just 20 minutes at a concert it increases your feeling of well-being by 20%. Yah, I get that, concerts have the ability to make you forget about your worries for a while!

Another part of the study states that if you have the option to go to concerts regularly it can add 9 years to your life!

So go buy those concert tickets! Your older, longer-living self, will thank you.


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