Recently my wife and I purchased and moved into a home in Montgomery. The home has plenty of space, some sheds for our snowmobile, ATV, and riding mower. Heck, an added bonus is that it's walking distance from Montgomery National Golf Club. That fact alone was more than enough to push me over the edge in moving to Montgomery. But after doing a quick Google search I might be regretting the location, it seems the golf course might just be haunted!

According to the website, and a 2013 article from the Le Center Leader, the quaint 18 hole course seems to have two spirits that roam the links. But first a little background on the course.

The Montgomery National Golf Course ("MNGC") according to a real estate listing was the first golf course designed by the popular Minnesota golf architect, Joel Goldstrand in 1970. The course was created on the Alfred Bury farm at the northeast edge of the city of Montgomery.

So back to the possible haunting. had this to say about MNGC:

One’s identity has been traced to a farmer who once lived on the land and is said to be buried on the first hole of the golf course. His apparition has been spotted in a hat and overalls. The other ghost is one of the club’s founders, who appears to be checking up on his place. He has been seen at the bar or looking in the windows. TVs here turn on by themselves and the air conditioning has been moved below 50 degrees by someone unseen. -

So breaking this down it seems Alfred Bury would be one of the spirits that roams the greens, which makes sense when you learn that gravestones for two of the original settlers of the property are still on the premises under a large cottonwood tree on the first hole! The second spirit isn't named but appears at the bar near closing time, then vanishes as quickly as they appear. The book entitled 'Twin Cities Haunted Handbook: 100 Ghostly Places You Can Visit' gives more detail about the site.

My desire to be able to golf on a regular basis won't be deterred, but I may just have to keep my tee-times to the early morning hours. To quote Ray Parker Jr. "I ain't afraid of no ghost.", just don't talk during my backswing.

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