Alabama man, and founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, Rodney Smith Jr., started his mission to mow the lawn of someone in need in each state for free on May 7th.

He told WCCO that he has come across many elderly people who aren't able to mow their lawns themselves anymore and it's hard for them to afford a lawn mowing service. These are the kinds of people that Rodney mows lawns for.

Not only is he mowing lawns for people in need, he's also teaching kids how to mow and lawn mowing safety. He is then challenging those he teaches to take his 50-yard challenge, where they go around their own community and mow lawns for free for those in need, whether it's a veteran, the elderly, the disabled, or a single mother.

If the child sends a picture of themselves holding a sign pledging that they're doing the 50-yard challenge, Rodney will give them a free shirt, sunglasses, and ear plugs. For every 10 yards, they get a shirt!

Rodney's next stop on his trip? He'll be in Minneapolis tomorrow!

You can nominate someone to have their lawn mowed for free, or pledge to take the 50-yard challenge, here!


Source: WCCO


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