The new Hy-Vee in New Prague opened this week and with it seems some bad blood, if you believe social media. A post on the New Prague Happenings Facebook page states that a Coborn's employee who was off work was trespassed for seemingly wearing his work shirt into the store.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

If you are to believe social media and what, admittedly is, only one side of the story, or is it just 1/4 of the story as it's a child telling their parents details of what happened, a teen who had gotten off of work at the Coborn's store headed over to the newly opened Hy-Vee to check out 'protein powder'.

While the teen was looking at the selection a manager at the Hy-Vee store allegedly came up and snapped a picture of the browsing teen. Feeling uncomfortable the teen and a friend walked away and towards the deli to grab some food to eat.

As the teens were gearing up to check out, the two were "swarmed" by Hy-Vee team members and two New Prague officers and accused of 'price matching', as it was alleged that other members of the Coborn's staff were in the 'night before and causing issues'.

Both teens stated that they didn't know anything about that, and the two were just there to check out the new store and purchase some food. Things apparently and allegedly escalated as you can see by the screenshot of the post, at least one of the two was trespassed from the store for one year.

So is there a grocery store war brewing between these two large Minnesota chains? Was it simply a case of incomplete information being given by a child to a parent? Maybe it was just a big misunderstanding? Whatever it was it certainly has people talking in New Prague as there were over 300 comments on the original post in just a few hours yesterday.

Maybe someone can give the other side of the story?

Whatever happened to people just being decent to one another?

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