A pastor in Southern Minnesota is hoping to shed some light on local graduates. In Albert Lea pastor George Marin is working with the city to install pictures of the class of 2020 along light poles in town as a way to celebrate the class of 2020. 

According to a social media post by the pastor, the idea is going before the Albert Lea City Council tonight.

The idea is to have all students in Albert Lea take a picture, not a professional photo as there are publishing rights issues, and email it to a printer in town to be printed on a banner that will be hung along decorative light poles that run along Broadway Ave.

The banners would be hanging from the poles through Labor Day and after that time members from the class of 2020 could pick up their banner to keep.

It's a solid idea to celebrate local high school graduates during a time where graduations are looking like virtual events.

Other communities have taken unique approaches to celebrate upcoming graduates by using digital billboards and yard signs.

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