St Paul (KROC AM News) - Has Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz changed his mind about worship services?

We may find out at 2:00 PM Saturday during a rare weekend press conference.

Walz disappointed many church leaders and others earlier this week when he essentially decided against allowing places of worship to resume services, limiting the gatherings to no more than 10 people.

Catholic and Lutheran leaders responded with defiance, announcing they have given local churches permission to resume services on Tuesday. 

Walz was expected to give an update on his decision Friday but canceled the announcement, apparently because of comments by Pres. Trump. 

In an unexpected announcement, Trump said he had “deemed churches and other houses of worship ``essential'' and called on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend despite the threat of the coronavirus.” He said if governors don't abide by his request, he will ``override'' them, though it's unclear what authority he has to do so.

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