It's been kind of a downer 2020 so far.  Yes, there have been positives while in a global pandemic, and the sunshine of summer up North has helped make things a little better lately.  Life has changed though with vacations, concerts, and other social events we are used to being cancelled.  One thing that always seems to brighten my day is a new posting from the Saxsquatch.

The way I describe it to friends who haven't seen him is, "It's some dude in a Sasquatch outfit playing the saxophone and sometimes other instruments in the woods."  It's as ridiculous as it sounds and at the same time it's incredibly awesome!

From what I can find online, the man behind the Squatch is Dean Mitchell.  It looks like you can even book him for shows.  Though, I'm sure with the COVID-19 that's pretty limited right now.  Regardless, he continues to release videos for all to enjoy online via YouTube and Facebook.  The Saxsquatch covers a variety of music, with a focus on more softer rock and some straight up classic rock favorites.

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The link to the Saxsquatch Facebook page is here.  Below you'll find a couple of videos to give you a taste of what you'll get to see when you follow the page.  Hopefully it helps to brighten your day at least a bit in this different world we are living in.

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