There are a TON of natural springs throughout Minnesota with a majority of them being found in Southeastern Minnesota and along the Minnesota River, one spring that is unique to many is located in the West Metro and offers glimpses of what the area used to look like with rolling prairie and trees dotting the hike to the source of the natural spring.

The spring itself is located in Eden Prairie, home to what we now think of as malls and suburbia, but for quite a long period of time, it was more like its namesake, a prairie with rolling hills and some natural occurring springs. The spring that you might want to visit is called the Fredrick Miller Spring and it is so well known it even has its own social media page.

According to the City of Eden Prairie website, which tests the spring monthly to make sure it is safe to drink from, the spring was discovered when "William Fredrick moved the spring access to its current location and built a wooden tank to contain the spring's water flow in 1880. Arthur Miller acquired the spring in 1968 and donated it to the City of Eden Prairie in 1969. The City made improvements to the site in 1972 and in 2003. Little else disturbs the spring site and today it appears much like it did in the late 1800s."

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

For those who want to visit this spring in particular, the city's website; "The source of Fredrick-Miller Spring is located west of Spring Road and is routed to an access site on the east side of Spring Road through an underground pipe. The access site is a quarter mile north of Flying Cloud Drive and includes a turnout for automobiles and a trough for year-round use." The address is 9995 Spring Road Eden Prairie, MN

You can find a map of other springs throughout Minnesota, including the several dozen that surround our area by heading here. 

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