If you haven't gotten around to cleaning out the cupboards as part of your spring cleaning chores then this would be a good time. Each year, every second Saturday of May, the United States Postal Service collects food for local food banks, pantries and and shelters in 10,000 cities across the United States during a food drive called Stamp Out Hunger. Tomorrow, May 14, is the second Saturday of May so please collect whatever non-perishable food items you'd be willing to donate near or mailbox before your letter carrier arrives. They'll pick it up as they make their rounds. The food is then sorted and delivered to an area food bank or food shelf.

Every day in America there are 49 million people that go hungry, sixteen million of those people are children. With the help of letter carriers, postal employees and volunteers, Stamp Out Hunger has helped to collect more than one billion pounds of food over the last twenty-four years.

Needed items include canned meats like chicken, beef stew, tuna, etc., canned vegetables, canned fruit, cereal, peanut butter and juice and juice boxes. Please watch for and do not donate expired foods, open packages, perishable food and items in glass jars. Also, please make sure to place items in a plastic bag if it's raining.

Stamp Out Hunger is the biggest single-day food drive in the country but they couldn't do it without your help.


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