For all the odd things that happen over in Dairyland USA, they do know beer. The people in Wisconsin like to drink it, and of course make some delicious beer, I.E. Spotted Cow. Now a Wisconsin based convenience store is rolling out a line of beer flavored with its signature coffee and donuts. I humbly introduce to you the 'Glazer Bean' beer from Kwik Trip.

The can's artwork evokes a Kwik Trip Glazer Donut with 90s shades, arms and legs possibly shooting laser beams from its eyes like Cyclops in X-Men.

Enough about the can, what does the beer taste like. Well, it is made in collaboration with Karben4 Brewing and will be delivered to Wisconsin stores starting TOMORROW! The brew is considered a chocolate coffee stout which is comprised of Kwik Trip brewed Karuba coffee and what the company post was a hint of Glazer (donut).

The taste of the beer will more than likely resemble another beer that Karben4 created and continues to make the NoTella a chocolate hazelnut stout. 

My mission this weekend is since we are visiting my wife's dad in Hugo, I'll steal away and head across the border and do some 'research' on the new beer and hopefully give you an idea of the true taste come Monday.

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