A billboard near the Brainerd Jaycee's Ice Fishing Contest is one group's revenge prank on their trash-talking buddy.

The 32nd Annual Brainerd Jaycee's Ice Fishing Contest kicks off Saturday, but the trash talking has already begun. An electronic billboard near Tykes Carpet Castle off MN-371 in Brainerd has a message for about one of the anglers.

"This is Troy," reads one frame of the two-part billboard message. "He sucks at fishing." The billboard then changes screens to show a second message. "Talk smack to him at: TroySucks2@gmail.com."

The billboard, it turns out, is a revenge prank by four men -- David Vee, Chaz Harrison, Tom Jensen and Clint Glass -- on their buddy Troy Verley, the one on the billboard. We spoke with Vee who shared that the five of them go on a fishing trip together every year. Apparently, it gets competitive. One year, Verley got actor Christopher McDonald (who played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore and Mike in Grumpy Old Men) to film a self-style video trash-talking the other four. "You guys really think you're going to beat Troy on your ice-fishing trip this year?" McDonald laughs at one point in the video. "Yeah, right."

"We had to get him back," Vee told us. "So we figured why not ask the internet and anyone going up 371 to help us out." The billboard's worked. "We are dying laughing at the emails we've gotten so far," he said, "and can't wait for the rest of the weekend."

The Brainerd Jaycee's Ice Fishing Contest is hailed as "the largest charitable ice fishing contest on earth." It has drawn more than 10,000 people annually for over 25 years. According to its website, "proceeds of the Ice Fishing Extravaganza are donated to more than 50 area charities with Confidence Learning Center as the primary beneficiary. The Brainerd Jaycees have donated more than $4.2 million since the event was founded."

Good luck, Troy, and we apologize for adding fuel to the fire!

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