Home remodelers, Andy and Carisa Rasmussen, owners of Accessible Homes, a Minnesota based remodeling company, were remodeling a home in Bloomington on Thursday when they found a huge stack of cash under one of the floorboards!

Accessible Homes remodels homes for people with disabilities who can't get around their home as easily. They've been remodeling homes for 13 years. This remodel that they were working on in Bloomington was for Bethesda Lutheran Services, "a nonprofit that provides homes, supported living programs, and more for people with developmental disabilities." 

Andy told Fox 9 that the pile of cash was made up of $20s and $50s and he estimates the total to be $30,000 or more! A moldy $30,000, but still! Andy guesses that, based on where the money was in the floorboards, someone had gone down to the utility room one day and tossed the bag of money up there. And also apparently forgot about it.

All of the money that they found is going straight to Bethesda.




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