Lending a helping hand to someone in need is easy for most people. What isn't easy is seeing the direct results of what a good deed can do. The results of this good deed were clear when one homeless man got a free makeover of a lifetime.

Jose Antonio is a homeless man in Majorca, Spain.

A hair salon offered to give him a free makeover.

So, the team of good people got to work on a transformation that I didn't see coming.

After a proper haircut and beard trim, the salon dyed Antonio's hair.

This is when Antonio's face began lighting up as he knew something special was happening.

Then came time for the big reveal.

Antonio was absolutely stunned at the results.

Now, see the full transformation from @TheSun on Twitter below.

Folks don't usually do good deeds for the sake of the outcome, but this good deed had immediate results on this man who had been down on his luck.

Kudos to the salon in Spain for giving Antonio a makeover. It seems like this kind deed may do a lot more for the man than just giving him a good look. The happiness and confidence Antonio exuded after walking out of the salon was incredible.

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