So Halloween wrapped up last night, and let's say you didn't have as many trick-or-treaters as you had hoped. What do you do with all that leftover candy? I mean you could save it for later, or give the grandkids the leftovers the next time they come by. Or you could do something really fantastic, and give our service members something to smile about this holiday season. Why not send your candy to Marines stationed on base? Here's how to do just that.

Before I give you the details, I've got to tip my hat to Tara Langevin as I saw her post about this service for deployed service members on her personal Facebook page. I know Tara's son is a Marine, and causes like this are close to her and her family's hearts.

The program is called Hearts for Christmas, and it is run by Joyful Heart Deliveries out of Jacksonville, North Carolina. What they do is they send all the candy that people have donated over to Marines who aren't able to come home for the holidays. The candy makes it to our brave men and women in the form of stockings or gift bags that are handed out at Christmas time.

If this is something you would like to do with your candy, and it really is a great cause, here is the mailing address for sending your candy to those serving our country.

Mailing Address
Joyful Heart Deliveries Inc
933 Ramsey Road
Jacksonville NC 28546
You can get more information about Joyful Heart Deliveries by heading here. 

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